Increase Your Buying Power

Six Months No Interest

Introducing the Fifty/4 Plan

     The new Fifty/4 Plan now makes buying easier. With no interest for six months and an easy payment plan, you can now make purchases without the worry and the hassle. The Fifty/4 plan is simple. Make your product choices and contact us to start the process. You will be invoiced for half the purchase price and once that is paid, your merchandise will be shipped. The remaining balance will then be divided into four payments that will be billed to you over the following six months. Its that simple.  No credit checks. No paperwork. No problem. Contact us today at and we can get the ball rolling.


Minimum of $100 purchase

The will be a $10 dollar processing fee.

You must have a Paypal account.

Management has the right to refuse at its discretion.

Shipping (if any) must be paid up front with the initial payment.

Only one Fifty/4 purchase at a time per customer.